Legal requirements for a claimant to continue to receive job seekers allowance

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Assuming a claimant is defined as someone in England who is currently on the work programme (“WP”) who is also in receipt of job seekers allowance (“JSA”):

1. Can a claimant decline to sign any “my claimant commitment” or “job seekers agreement” form which requires the claimant to search for vacancies using universal job match (“UJM”), and continue to receive JSA?

2. Can a claimant decline to complete a “my work plan” form and continue to receive JSA? Is this the case if the claimant has already signed the "my work plan" form?

3. Can a claimant untick the box in his universal job match account which enables DWP Work Coaches to access his account, including job search activity, feedback and notes, and continue to receive JSA?

4. Can a claimant close/delete his UJM account, and continue to receive JSA? If so how can a claimant close/delete his UJM account?

5. Which of the following must a claimant legally do to continue to receive JSA:

Provide an email address
Provide a contact phone number
Provide a CV
Create a UJM account

6. Can a claimant revoke their previous agreement to a form they have already signed and continue to receive JSA? I.e. can they revoke their agreement to a previous "my claimant commitment","job seekers agreement" and/or "my work plan" form/s, and continue to receive JSA?

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