Dear Department for Transport,
I am a Parish Councillor and a 30 mph sign has been missing from the gateway to our village for almost 2 years and after persistent requests of our MBC we are advised by them that they are not required to replace it under the current law. There were 2 signs at the site which is on an A road (lorry designated) and now there is only the one - the road carries fast moving traffic that seem to ignore the speed limit in a village with no walkways. What is the law please?

Yours faithfully,
Steven W. Beasley
[mobile number removed]

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A key piece of relevant legislation is The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016:

Schedule 10 deals with speed limit signs:

You may also want to ask your local highways authority (the local council responsible for highways) for copies of the relevant "Traffic Regulation Orders" - the local laws which may set the speed limits in the area; the highways authority might have other relevant local policies too.

Department for Transport

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Dear Steven W. Beasley

Please find attached the response to your correspondence about 30 MPH road

Thank you,

Department for Transport
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