Leaving UK on Tier 4, coming back in as a Tourist/Visitor

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Dear Home Office,

I am currently on a Tier 4 visa, which allowed me to study for my postgraduate degree which finished in September 2016. After I had completed my course, I applied to various graduate jobs within the UK, however I have been unsuccessful in obtaining one. Therefore, I will be returning to my home country - Malaysia. However, my partner (who is moving back with me) is from Poland, and we want to go there to visit his family one more time before we move. I am planning to go before my current Tier 4 visa expires (29 January 2017), but was wondering whether I would be allowed to re-enter the UK two weeks later under a Tourist/Visitor visa as I need to finish moving my stuff out of my flat, and to settle/end payments for bills/council tax etc.? I have already booked my one-way ticket back to Malaysia which is scheduled for 27 February 2017.

Yours faithfully,
Marisa Musa.

BF NICE, Home Office

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Dear Ms Musa,

Please see attached our reply to your enquiry.
Thank you.
The Duty Officer
Border Force
National Immigration & Customs Enquiries (BF NICE)
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