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Laptops and tablets

Abdul Hai made this Freedom of Information request to Waltham Forest College

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Dear Waltham Forest College,

How many have you been given by the Department for Education?

What dates were you given them?

Are you seeking public donations?

Yours faithfully,

Abdul Hai

Bonita Lammin, Waltham Forest College

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Dear Mr Hai


Freedom of Information request re: Laptops and tablets issued to Waltham
Forest College


Thank you for your email of 29 January 2021 in which you asked the
following questions, please see our answers in blue:


How many laptops and tablets have you been given by the Department for

The College has been allocated 166 laptops by the DfE.


What dates were you given them?

We took delivery of the laptops on Friday 5 February 2021.


Are you seeking public donations?

We always welcome donations from the public but are not actively seeking
public donations at this time.


We have provided you with all relevant information that Waltham Forest
College holds. If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request
an independent internal review of our handling of your request by
submitting a complaint within two months to the address below:

The Principalship

Waltham Forest College

Forest Road


E17 4JB

[1][Waltham Forest College request email]


If you ask for an internal review, it would be helpful if you could say
why you are dissatisfied with the response. As part of any internal review
the Department's handling of your information request will be reassessed
by staff who were not involved in providing you with this response. If you
remain dissatisfied after this internal review, you would have a right of
complaint to the Information Commissioner as established by section 50 of
the Freedom of Information Act.


Best wishes




Bonita Lammin | Executive Coordinator and Personal Assistant to the

  020 8501 8166

  [2][email address]


  707 Forest Road, Walthamstow, London, E17 4JB


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Abdul Hai please sign in and let everyone know.