Land Registry Fees Not Paid

Anthony Badaloo made this Freedom of Information request to Land Registry

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Anthony Badaloo


Dear Land Registry,

Is a transfer void, where the Land Registry Fees, and / or the Stamp Duty, for a property transfer, has not been paid?

Is it a criminal offence, to transfer a property, without paying the Land Registry Fees, and / or Stamp Duty?

A yes or no will suffice

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Badaloo


Land Registry


Enquiry reference: 180710-004039   Application reference:   Title number:


Dear Anthony Badaloo


Thank you for your email dated 30 June 2018.
In accordance with HM Land Registry advisory policy we will provide advice
about real cases, not about theoretical circumstances.  We will not
express a view on questions of law unless the question arises on a live
We cannot therefore offer an opinion in this instance.  You may therefore
wish to consider seeking independent legal advice.
You can read further information about the advice we give at
Yours sincerely

Kathryn Griffiths-Day
HM Land Registry

If you have any further queries please visit the Land Registry pages at
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Welsh. There are limitations to the advice we can provide, please see
our [4]advisory policy for further information. The security and
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[5]Personal Information Charter.


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