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Dear Staffordshire County Council,

I live in an area with a piece of land at the rear of the property. It is vacant land which gets rubbish dumped on and we are forever cleaning it up.

I would like to know who the land belongs to. We have two other councils that do not seem to know however insist it is not their land. Checkley parish council and Staffordshire moorlands

The land in question is in Lower Tean, Staffordshire, ST10 4LS

The reference number for the land registry is;


Also are there any third party interests or does it belong to a single organisation/individual

Yours faithfully,

Mark D

Access Information, Staffordshire County Council

Dear Mark Demaine

You have already sent us this request. We received the below request on 09/06/2020. It was logged on our system as FOI F0003120, acknowledged and forwarded to service on 09/06/2020.

Thank you


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Staffordshire County Council
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