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alan harvey flounders made this Freedom of Information request to Land Registry

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was refused by Land Registry.

alan harvey flounders

Dear Land Registry,

I have been trying to obtain a fair a just investigation from Land Registry, since October 2008, I have followed very carefully Land Registry's own Complaints procedure since the beginning of my Original complaint to Land Registry,Durham.without a great deal of success, my dealings with the Senior Complaints Reviewer was friendly and very courteous but I was totally dismayed and disappointed when she closed her investigation into my allegations of misadministration , rather quickly, she did recommend that I be awarded £300 for avoidable upset and Inconvenience, this sum of money I have returned, I can not accept this payment, because the Property I Purchased has not been returned to me or the problems of ownership resolved.

I have no hesitation in Stating that Land Registry's claim that Registration and Recording of Land and Property provides owners better protection against claims of Adverse Possesion and offers them more certainty and security about what they own? is a total nonsense.

Under the Freedom of Information Act. I wish to Request answers or an explanation to the following questions.

Will you please Confirm or Deny.
(a) It is my Understanding that there is NO Legal requirement on Land Registry to check the validity of Information and documentation submitted, nor NO Legal Remit to Decide who the Legal Owner of the Property is,Land Registry's ONLY Legal obligation is to Record and Register Legally Purchased Property.

(b) How then can Land Registry,Durham.claim to have NOT Correctly Registered and Recorded all the Property Details ,which was NOT shown on a Original Land Title Deed, when Purchased in 1972.from Hartlepool Borough Council. Clearly any Documents or Copies now produced can only show the same identical property details Registered and Recorded as shown on the Original 1972. Land Title Deeds.

(c )How can Land Registry,Durham, claim to have Failed to Register and Record Correctly all Property Details which were NOT shown on my Original Land Title Deeds, CE74844, when purchased in 1984, from Hartlepool Borough Council.

(d)I received the following letter from Land Registry, dated 19th February 2009.
In English Law the same area of Freehold Land cannot be simultaneously be in the ownership of Two separate parties.and it further states that if in the Site inspection of my Property, had the Surveyor (Land Registry )
looked inside the Outhouses he would have seen that there is an Internal Wall separates the second Outhouse ( there are in fact Two Internal Walls )that are CORRECTLY and Properly in my Land Title Deeds CE74844, which is Registered and Recorded on my Original Land Title Deeds, I am the Sole owner, since my purchase of this property from Hartlepool Borough Council in 1984.

(e)By who's or What LEGAL Authority can Land Registry,Durham,REMOVE this piece of my Legal Registered and Recorded Property ( which now Physically supports my neighbours kitchen roof Extension ) and attach and include into my neighbours Land Title Deeds DU37533, I still claim that to attach this additional property to be added to DU 37533 is Fraud, and I have informed Land Registry before, without any response.

(f) Do I still own the Outbuildings clearly defined on my Original Land Title Deeds CE74844, purchased and paid for in full,from Hartlepool Borough Council in 1984, and duly Registered and Recorded with Land Registery, Durham. or NOT.?

Yours Faithfully,
Alan Harvey Flounders

Sondh, Gurmale, Land Registry

Dear Mr. Flounders,

Thank you for your e-mail dated 26 February 2010 requesting answers or explanation to questions (a) to (f) as set out in your e-mail on Land and property registration.

I am dealing with it under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

In some circumstances a fee may be payable and if that is the case, I will let you know. A fees notice will be issued to you, and you will be required to pay before we will proceed to deal with your request.

If you have any queries about this letter, please contact me. Please remember to quote the reference number in any future communications.

Yours sincerely
Freedom of information officer
Land Registry Head Office
32 Lincoln's Inn Fields
Tel: 020 7166 4053

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Sondh, Gurmale, Land Registry

[Subject only] FW: Freedom of Information request - Land and Property Registration (our ref:- Flounders-260210)

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alan harvey flounders

Dear Sondh, Gurmale,
I am writing to request an internal review of Land Registry's handling of my F.O.I. requests.
The F.O.I. agent refuses to answer any of my questions, to claim that they had already been investigated by the Complaints Reviewer is incorrect, she claimed they were not in her Remit.

Yours sincerely,

alan harvey flounders

Westcott-Rudd, Mike, Land Registry

Dear Mr Flounders

I refer to your email requesting an internal review from the decision
given to you by Gurmale Sondh, Freedom of Information office by his email
of 8 March.

I have now concluded that review and I confirm the decision to refuse your
request. That request does no more than repeat request you originally
made, which prompted a full investigation of your complaint and the issues
it raised. The internal complaints procedure was eventually exhausted,
and you then asked the Independent Complaints Reviewer to HM Land Registry
to review your complaint. This review has also now been concluded. This
draws a line under the complaint and the issues it raised and there is
nothing further that Land Registry can say or do about the matter, in the
absence of fresh evidence.

Your letter, whilst addressed to the Freedom of Information Officer, does
not contain a request for information that has not already been addressed
and a full reply given by Land Registry.

I confirm that the Internal Review procedure has now been concluded.
Details of the Information Commissioner's Office were supplied with Mr
Sondh's letter of 8 March, if you believe you have the right in this case
to take this matter there.

Yours sincerely

Mike Westcott Rudd

Head of Corporate Legal Services

Head Office, Room 103

Tel: 020 7166 4337

GTN: 7-3504 4337

Fax: 020 7166 4307

Land Registry's House Price Index is now live.

If you have received this e-mail and it was not intended for you, please
let us know, and then delete it. Please treat our communications in
confidence, as you would expect us to treat yours. Land Registry checks
all mail and attachments for known viruses, however, you are advised that
you open any attachments at your own risk.

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Diana Smith left an annotation ()

As a Solicitor registered with the Law Society, it is possible to complain to the Solicitors Regulation Authority over the fact that Mr Rudd ( AKA- Mike Westcott-Rudd)," has not carried out his business in a professional and polite way".
Previously MWR has attempted to sway public thinking with stating in the press that most matters could be addressed quickly if only bodies and solicitors admitted mistakes, instead of the usual covering-up.
It is my own perceptions that no-one covers up so much as the staff at Land Registry , who have the mistaken belief it will not catch up with them.
I continue to make record and log all information available, as like the journalist who worked for five years to expose MP's expenses, l fully intend to work towards exposing and naming all the involved persons at Land Registry who have caused human misery and eviction of so many from their dwellings, in their defiance of the laws of this country and in breach of Human Rights.

alan harvey flounders left an annotation ()

Hi Diana, I appreciate your comments, it amazes me to think that there must be tens of thousands if not more people who through no fault of their own have been the victims of Fraud by Land Registry, yet only a few victims have got the courage to stand up and voice their concerns- on sites like this- I like yourself have continued to keep a dossier of letter and replies to Land Registry, I also intend to continue to expose and name all the bad apples still hiding in Land Registry, my last letter sent to my M.P. to-Day contained further information on Fraud at Land Registry- Which after a decent time and he has replied I will publish- in the mean time you are quite welcome to visit my site and leave a few comments- good or bad- best wishes, alan

Joyce Barber left an annotation ()

I can sympathise regarding your problems with the Land Registry as my husband and myself have had problems with the Land Registry giving our Land to the Parish Council which to add insult to injury is actually within our title deeds.
We have shown title deeds from 1959 and 1980 also legal documents to substantiate our claim and letters from the parish council where they knew where the village green was which certainly does not include our land.
We have complained and shown all documents but the LAND REGISTRY do not accept any of their failings and will not acknowledge you when you have all the relevant information to show them that they have failed in their duty.
If anyone out there can help us could you please send us information to assist our complaint.

Mr Fairchild left an annotation ()

Play them at their own game: make an adverse possession claim for the land they've taken off you!

Seriously though, do you have a solicitor?

Joyce Barber left an annotation ()

The Land registry fail their duty as a public body to ensure that when a request from the parish council was made for possession of our land that they actually had standing for said land as they did not and the parish council actually asked Nottingham county council to assist in finding a link to our land but obviously they did not need this as the Land Registry gave it to them instead.

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