LAC and Care Leavers Levels of Care

James Oliver made this Freedom of Information request to North Yorkshire County Council

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The request was refused by North Yorkshire County Council.

Dear North Yorkshire County Council,

1. Regarding your Looked After Children aged 16-17 and for your Care Leavers aged 18-25 who are currently placed in semi-independent unregulated accommodation, please could you define the different levels/categories of care that the council has for these individuals.

2. Please could you let me know what the average cost per week per service user per Care Level per provider is when these individuals are placed in semi-independent accommodation.

An example of this could be:

.................................Care Level 1....Care Level 2....Care Level 3....Care Level 4....Care Level 5
Supplier Name 1.....£xx...................£xx....................£xx..................£xx................£xx............
Supplier Name 2.....£xx...................£xx....................£xx..................£xx................£xx.............
Supplier Name 3.....£xx...................£xx....................£xx..................£xx................£xx.............
Supplier Name 4.....£xx...................£xx....................£xx..................£xx................£xx............

3. Please let me know how many Looked After Children aged 16-17 you currently accommodate in semi-independent unregulated accommodation per care level.

4. Please let me know how many Care Leavers aged 18-25 you currently accommodate in semi independent unregulated accommodation per care level.

Yours faithfully,

James Oliver, North Yorkshire County Council

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North Yorkshire County Council.

Infogov - Veritau, North Yorkshire County Council

Thank you for contacting the Information Governance Team at North
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With Kind Regards,


Information Governance Team

North Yorkshire County Council 


cypsfoi, North Yorkshire County Council

Dear James,

Please find below North Yorkshire County Council’s response to your
Freedom of Information request dated 29^th June 2020.


Thank you for your email of 29 June 2020 requesting information about LAC
and Care Leavers Levels of Care.


I can confirm that we do hold this information but unfortunately it is not
in an easily retrievable format nor is there an automated mechanism that
would allow us to easily collate the requested data. In order to obtain
this information the Council would have to check through 300 files at an
average of 15 minutes per file.  This would therefore take approx. 75
hours in total and exceeds the 18 hour limit. 


Section 12 of the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000 states that the
Council is not obliged to comply with a request for information if the
authority estimates that the costs of complying with the request would
exceed the appropriate limit. The Freedom of Information and Data
Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004 has set the
appropriate limit as £450, based on a charge at £25 per hour.


The appropriate limit equates to one person spending 18 hours on the
following actions:

o determining whether the Council holds the information requested, and
o locating, retrieving and extracting the information requested.


Unfortunately the large amount of work required to respond to your
request, as described above, would exceed this limit. Consequently the
Council is not obliged to respond to your request.


If you are able to narrow the scope of your request, we would be happy to
consider whether we could respond to a revised request in under 18 hours. 
Any reformulated request will be treated as a new FOI request.


Please find attached the Council’s appeals procedure for your information.


Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future


Kind Regards





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