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Dear Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council,

The Local Government Association (LGA) advises that some council reserves “restricted by local agreement to fund certain types of expenditure can be reconsidered or released if the council’s future plans and priorities change” (LGA, A councillor’s workbook on local government finance, March, 2018, page 24).

These reserves are sometimes referred to as “controllable” earmarked reserves.

I have four questions.

1. How much does Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council currently hold in “controllable” earmarked reserves?

2. In principle - i.e. if deemed necessary by councillors - can Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council release/reallocate its “controllable” earmarked reserves and spend them on a once-off basis to support service provision?

3. How much does Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council currently hold in “general” reserves?

4. If deemed necessary by councillors, can Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council spend its “general” reserves on a one-off basis to support service provision?

Yours faithfully,


Freedom of Information, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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