Knowsley MBC's representation of public objections to Secretary of State to sale of site of Overdale Primary School, Kirkby.

Currently waiting for a response from Department for Education, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Department for Education,
In December 2015/January 2016 Knowsley MBC sought public objections to the sale, for housing development, of the site of the former Overdale Primary School, Roughwood Drive, Kirkby, Merseyside. Over 200 objections were expressed despite the consultation period being over the Christmas and New Year holiday period. No information has been forthcoming from the Local Authority as to the response of the Secretary of State although it appears that the land has been sold.
I request on behalf of local residents:
1. Confirmation that the representations of local residents were actually received by the relevant persons at the Department;
2. What the considered response of the Secretary of State was to the objections.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Watts

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