Knowle and Staff Wishes

tim todd made this Freedom of Information request to East Devon District Council

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The request was successful.

Dear East Devon District Council,

We read that Chief Executive Mark Williams has asked staff for their preferences in terms of work location, (but that the Knowle was excluded from the options.)

It is reported that the percentages were:-
Honiton 57%
Clyst House 42%
Cranbrook 29%
Skypark 21%
Total 149% ????

Has the Council researched the accessibility of these locations by public transport means. If so what conclusions were drawn about such accessibility and costs.(e.g distances from nearest bus stop, frequency of services, hours of operation of services) Fullest details please.

Has council investigated the costs to existing staff travelling to these locations and compared it with present costs. If so full details please

Has council ever consulted Knowle based staff on their preferences for staying at Knowle vs some new site? If so numbers please.

Yours faithfully,

tim todd
Research Assistant East Devon Alliance

Kate Symington, East Devon District Council

Mr Todd

Thank you for your email.

The number does not add up to 100% because each member of staff could choose as many options as they wanted to, so one person could choose all the locations that they would prefer to go to rather than being forced to pick just one. The percentages are the percentage of all staff that ticked that option, so 57% of all staff (100%) ticked the Honiton option, 43% of all staff therefore did not tick the Honiton option etc.

An equality impact assessment has been undertaken but we have not done detailed analysis of public transport – as an aside most of our staff drive but we have committed to drawing up a Green Travel Plan.

We have done some analysis of the additional mileage costs for staff. Staff are entitled to some compensation for additional mileage but this is subject to negotiation with UNISON. Our regional UNISON representative will be working on this with us and has been asked to give the matter some early consideration.

We have not consulted staff on preference for staying at Knowle as Members made the decision to relocate last July based on a variety of factors including the fact that remaining is not financially viable, it does not allow us to maximise an asset in the context of continuing decreases in government funding and that it is not conducive to modern and efficient ways of working.

I hope this is helpful.

Mrs Kate Symington
Information and Complaints Officer
East Devon District Council

01395 517417

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tim todd left an annotation ()

Interesting answer. Staff were asked for their preferences, but not given an option re The Knowle, nor asked to prioritize them, meaning they could tick all four options. Another exercise with no real value.