Kingston-upon-Thames - Direction of Travel Adoption Report

Zara Pradyer made this Freedom of Information request to Greater London Authority

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The request was refused by Greater London Authority.

Dear Greater London Authority,
1. Please can you send me copies of written internal communication between GLA officers, and of written communication between GLA officers and any person, company or other entity outside of the GLA - including, where permitted, the name of the company or entity and the position of the person within that company or other entity with whom communication took place - relating to the Kingston Direction of Travel Adoption Report, all between the dates of 1 May 2016 and 31 March 2017 inclusive, all in whatsoever form such communication may exist.

2. Please can you send me agendas and minutes of any meetings, and any reports supporting or stemming from such meetings, in which the Kingston Direction of Travel Adoption Report is mentioned, all between the dates 1 May 2016 and 31 December 2018?

3. Please can you send me evidence of the date on which the Mayor added his signature to the Direction of Travel Adoption Report for the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, including a screenshot of the GLA web editing tool that shows the creation and edit history for the Direction of Travel Adoption Report? I am aware that there was only an unsigned version of the Adoption Report available from the GLA until March 2019. Please send me the original signed Direction of Travel Adoption Report that bears the Mayor's handwritten signature and not a scanned copy of his signature

Please accept my kind regards,

Yours faithfully,

Zara Pradyer

Greater London Authority

    From: [FOI #580620 email]
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    Subject: Freedom of Information request - Kingston-upon-Thames -
Direction of Travel Adoption Report

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Yours sincerely,
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Zara Pradyer left an annotation ()

I have submitted the request above on the basis that I believe the adoption of the Direction of Travel for Kingston by the Mayor may not have happened in a way that followed due process on decision making or the GLA's code on openness and transparency. The issue at hand is one of significant importance and public interest and of considerable urgency as the proposed designation of Kingston as an opportunity area and its massive large site housing targets in the new London Plan that stem from the Direction of Travel will have a major impact on all 169000 residents of the Borough. The request is made purely in order to obtain information on this important underlying issue and to share the information received with Kingston's residents
Thank you very much

Mayor of London, Greater London Authority

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Dear Ms Pradyer

Please find attached response in relation to your recent request for

Yours sincerely

Paul Robinson
Information Governance Officer


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