Dear Preston City Council,

In relation to the following article released this evening by the Liverpool Echo. Please see the below link for clarity.

Could you answer the following questions please:

1. Could you confirm that you have read the article?

2. Could you confirm that the Enforcement officers employed by Kingdom are not being paid a bonus of £5 if they issue 5 FPNs and £5 for every subsequent FPN issued beyond 5 for the duration of each working shift?

3. Could you confirm that all Kingdom employees have been employed on full contracts and do not have zero-hour contracts working on behalf of the local authority?

4. Could you confirm whether Kingdom Service Group recognises the union and whether their employees are given the option of joining a union when commencing employment?

5. Could you confirm whether the local authority will allow Kingdom Services Group to use Flexi-Workers (again zero hour contracts)?

6. Could you confirm the date your contract is due to expire with Kingdom Services Group?

Yours faithfully,

P Rourke

FOI Freedom of Information Mailbox, Preston City Council

Thank you for your e-mail. If this is a valid request made under Freedom
of Information you can expect to receive a response within 20 working
Preston City Council

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FOI Freedom of Information Mailbox, Preston City Council

Dear Sir,

Further to your email I can advise you that Preston City Council does not hold this information as we have no connection to Liverpool or the Wirral.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Ashcroft
Preston City Council

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