Keep it Local Plan only 45 ha tall building zones with no tall building zone masterplan year four

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Dear Department of Health and Social Care,

Given that even post-pandemic the provision and retention of services facilities in England is highly discretionary, with nothing statutory required.

Can you please detail Department of Health policies, procedures and data sources used for finding Local planning data mapped only 45 hectare London tall building zones (neither Regional or National planning data mapped to help key agencies and decision makers) - these Keep it Local zones are being re-developed to intensive UK unseen levels of population growth and of overcrowding.

South Kilburn Estate regeneration project in 2001 (transitioned to being a tall building zone with no tall building zone plan since 2019), started out with the NHS leading its Health Theme with a government £1 million fund to design and project develop in zone a new primary healthcare centre to health support massive population growth car-free housing zone needs. Does DHSC have any record of this partnership commitment?

Yours faithfully,

David Walton

Department of Health and Social Care

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Dear Mr Walton,

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