Judge Led Inquiry Stephen Lawrence case Attorney General response to Kent Custody Death Inquest

Richard Card made this Freedom of Information request to Attorney General's Office

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Attorney General's Office did not have the information requested.

Dear Attorney General’s Office,

Please disclose John Morris AG report, casefile/opinion/directions concerning Phillip SEED custody death Margate Police Station 1995.

There was a two year plus delay in holding inquest and, hence, at the time concerns were raised with AG, about inquest process, Kent Police were deployed on the Stephen Lawrence case.

One of the issues was that the forensic handled for PCA by invigilator (Still open case deputy senior CID 1989 Deal Barracks terrorist bombing) shew a massive paracetomol overdose. The split sample handled by Coroners Officer (an evidence chain initiator Deal Barrfacks bombing 1989) shew no overdose.

The charity "Inquest" had deployed a barrister on the case. And it appears legal advice to the bereaved family was to expedite inquest to gain Section 13 rights of appeal.

You will no doubt recall that then only recently the charity "Inquest" together with Michael Mansfield's charity "British Irish Rights Watch" had given evidence at the ECHR case against Hm Govt brought re Farrell Savage McCann IRA shot dead by SAS Gibraltar.

In August 1997 Kent Police Authority called for inquiry and report into a range of matters including this custody death.

Kent Police refused or failed to comply.

How was the forensic anomaly resolved at the new inquest held by Functus Officio Deal Barracks bombing HM Coroner ?

Of course split sampling, that shows up such anomalies, was not available in the conviction for the Stephen Lawrence case. As I understand it the DNA test destroyed the sample.

Was it the case in Kent that the sample with the overdose had been contaminated whilst missing from evidence handling chain for four days ?

Please disclose all records related to AG in this case.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Card

James Ross, Attorney General's Office

Dear Mr Card

Thank you for your email to the Attorney General's office in which you have made a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

You have requested:

" Please disclose John Morris AG report, casefile/opinion/directions concerning Phillip SEED custody death Margate Police Station 1995. - Please disclose all records related to AG in this case."

Your request is being considered under the Freedom of Information Act and we are aiming to send you a response within twenty days.

Yours sincerely

James Ross
Freedom of Information Officer

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James Ross, Attorney General's Office

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Dear Mr Card

Please find attached a copy of our response to your recent Freedom of Information request.

Yours sincerely

James Ross
Freedom of Information Officer

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Dear James Ross,

Thank you for your response which satisfies my purpose.

Some explanation is that I reported to Attorney General my suspicion that the Thanet Inquest process was subject of conspiracy to expedite it for the purposes of gaining grounds for Section 13 appeal.

I was aware at the time that John Morris had ordered that nothing be put in writing by way of response.

You are aware, I think, that in the custody death Kent Police had deployed as invigilator the Deputy Senior CID officer Deal Barracks 1989 terrorist bombing case. And as Coroners Officer an ex Pc who was also on Kent Police Deal Barracks bombing investigation team as an initiator of evidence handling.

You are aware that split sampling sent blood to two laboratories who made completely contradictory findings. The sample handled for PCA by the DI came back showing a large paracetomol overdose but the Coroners sample shew no such thing.

There then followed a wrangle in which the DI accused the ex Pc of being unsafe to administer an exhibit chain and the ex Pc accuised the DI of allowing the PCA sample to disappear for 4 days before being re-introduced to evidence handling. The ex Pc went further and accused the CID of having "Removed property which did not re-appear as evidence" at the bombing scene 1989. The ex Pc also accused CID of exempting Reliance security personnel from the bombing inquiry. And that latter accusation was proven correct by me when I raised the first ever check of one guards claimed REME Service record. And you are aware that REME Corps Secretariat independently then called in MOD Police (1998)

Thanet Coroner was proposing to hold final inquest whilst the ex Pc was on holiday and thus have him unavailable for questioning at Inquest by the barrister from the charity "Inquest".

You are aware that "Inquest" had then recently gone beyond their charity parameters by giving expert evidence on non judicial execution at the Farrell Savage McCann v UK case in ECHR. And you are aware that "Inquest" were working with British Irish Rights Watch the charity whose patron is Michael Mansfield QC.

You are aware that in the David Norris murder trial which started six days before Stephen Lawrence was killed, that Michael Mansfield QC was a defence barrister for the accused UDA hit men who had allegedly been commissioned by already convicted UDA drugs importers based in Margate KENT.

Mr Mansfield became Doreen Lawrence barrister and small world the initial murder case officer was a Norris murder case officer already facing the prospect of Mr Mansfield's cross examination presumably aimed at getting to the truth of the extent of "Instructions" to CID not to reveal sources or the extent of paramilitary collusion occurring in KENT.

In March 99 Jack Straw suppressed all the inquiry called for by Kent Police Authority 1997, in spite of concerns (Kent Chief constable on Rosemary Nelson murder inquiry) from Sir Ronnie Flanagan.

You are aware that the whole Lawrence team including Imran Khan were aware that Straw was suppressing terrorism and paramilitary and sabotage inquiries called for by Kent Police Authority.

You are obviously aware of Misprision of Treason, Sections 38b and 54 Terrorism Act 2000.

As you know Kent Chief constable abruptly left the Rosemary Nelson case. In 1999 just as Straw suppressed collusion inquiries called for by Kent Police Authority.

So I would be wanting Theresa May's judge led inquiry to go through the history in every detail with a view to examining the submission to the Rosemary Nelson Tribunal made by Mr Mansfield's charity British Irish Rights Watch.

The Judge led inquiry might also weigh that in the Margate custody death case the Inquest had the benefit of split sample testing. But in the conviction of Gary Dobson the forensic science lab destroyed the sample by their testing and thus prevented second test by other experts.

Also noteworthy is that the forensic scientist in the Gary Dobson conviction is also the man under serious questions by greater experts in the Hutton Inquiry re Dr Kelly.

You are aware now that Deal Barracks was used as a base for paramilitary training contrary to Unlawful Drilling Act 1819. And that one question Mark Ellison QC has highlighted is the 1998 Dover Police Station debrief of a Dc trading information for leniency in corruption case. That Dc named a Det sgt and one of the litany was a complaint 1995 in which 3 of the five RCS men moonlighting as bodyguards left police with mental health issues. Who was the source of their bodyguard work ?

Was it the man who set up and ran the Deal Barracks based paramilitary activity ? Wasn't he working for Clifford Norris associate Charlie Kray in the 90s ? He was Head of his own bodyguard set up IBA and his police training set up ILETA Also interesting is the question whether another IBA man was working for a private inquiry company set up by an ex Met officer and was that officer none other than the arresting officer of the Margate based UDA men circa 1992 ?

I have written, without reply, to ask the Lords Standards Commissioner to explore the history with Baroness Lawrence and Baroness Howells. To explain their silence. And I have suggested the Commissioner might use for Terrorism and Misprision expertise Lord Carlile QC who was kind enough last year to conclude that my report is NOT conspiracy theory.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Card