JSP 950 Beighton Test requirements regarding hypermobility?

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Defence of their handling of this request.

Dear Ministry of Defence,

I am aware that individuals with joint hyper mobility syndrome are graded UNFIT to service by medical standards however I would like to know what the requirements are surrounding the Beighton Test which is conducted at face to face medicals for the ROYAL MARINES.

Would an individual scoring a 3 or 4 out of 9 on the test be graded unfit even if the hyper mobile joints were not causing any pain and the individual has proven to be able to undertake rigorous exercise? (Royal Marines)

JSP 950 only makes mention to those with joint hyper mobility syndrome and with hyper mobility in their knees (Which would be assessed to determine if it is asymptomatic). There is no mention of those who have hyper mobile joints which are asymptomatic and would most likely score a 3 or less on the beighton test.

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