JSP 761 - Reduced Operational Service Medal ( Afghanistan) Qualifying Service.

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

I refer to JSP - Honours and Awards in the Armed Forces and the policy stated in section 8A1.11;
8A1.11. Reduced Qualifying Service. If qualifying service is brought to an end before the completion of the specified qualifying period on account of death, wounding or other disability due to operational service, the reduced period of service will be sufficient qualification for the award of the OSM for service in Afghanistan.
With regard to this my question has three parts;

1. What information would be accepted as evidence that a service person’s qualifying service was prematurely bought to an end due to injury?

2. In cases where the service person was prematurely removed from Afghanistan and no entry made on JPA, would documentation from a medical professional be accepted as evidence?

3. Where in policy, if anywhere does it state that there must be a JPA entry for the person to qualify?

Yours faithfully,

P Philpott

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Dear Mr Philpott,


Thank you for your FOI request of 4/12/19, reference FOI2019/13377. This
request is a duplicate of your previous FOI requests of 22/11/19 and
23/11/19, references FOI2019/13115 and FOI2019/13127 respectively. I refer
you to the FOI response provided to your first such request,
FOI2019/13115. Please find attached.


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