Vernon Turner

Dear Sir or Madam,

I request a copy of all expense claims, including supporting
documentation, for Jonathan Djanogly MP, for all years for which records are held.

Please also include details of second homes allowances,with a full breakdown of claimed costs.

Any detail on renumeration for Mr Djanogly's second job would also be of interest.

If this would exceed the cost limit, then my request is for your last completed financial year and as many previous financial years as are possible within that limit.

My preferred method of communication is electronic, to this email address. If the result would be to large for this to be feasible, or you do not hold this information electronically, I will supply a postal address so that you can send me a CD or hard copy.

Yours faithfully,

Vernon Turner

FOICOMMONS, House of Commons

Dear Mr Turner,

Thank you for your email dated and received 15 May 2009.

Accordingly, we will endeavour to provide a response by 15 June 2009.

Mandy Kelly
Freedom of Information Assistant

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FOICOMMONS, House of Commons

Dear Mr Turner,

Thank you for your request for details of all expenses claimed by Jonathan
Djanogly MP and for details on renumeration for Mr Djanogly's second job.

Information regarding remunerated employment is contained in the register
of Members' interests which can be found on our external website
[1] at

Detailed information about Members' expenses for years 2004/05 to 2007/08
is being prepared for publication. In addition, similar information
relating to 2008/09 is also held with the intention that it should be made
available to the public generally. The material covered by your request
is part of a data set of around 700,000 pages of information. We are
currently in the process of providing the information to be published to
Members so that they can review their own data, for example in relation to
accuracy, security and privacy. We plan to make the information relating
to 2004/05 to 2007/08 available to the public generally by mid July 2009.
We plan to make information relating to 2008/09 available in the autumn of
2009. Therefore the information you have requested is exempt by virtue of
the exemption set out in section 22 (1) of the FOI Act (information held
with the intention of future publication) and your request is refused.

While there is a public interest in providing access to information
relating to Members such as that covered by your request, this interest is
being met by the planned publication of information about all Members,
thus providing a full picture of expenditure against the allowances, but
which also takes account of legitimate security and privacy concerns of
MPs and third parties. Therefore, the balance of the public interest rests
with maintaining the exemption while this information is being prepared
and finalised for publication.

You may, if dissatisfied with the treatment of your request, ask the House
of Commons to conduct an internal review of this decision. Requests for
internal review should be addressed to: Freedom of Information Officer,
Department of Resources, House of Commons London SW1 OAA or
[House of Commons request email]. Please ensure that you specify the nature of
your complaint and any arguments or points that you wish to make.

If you remain dissatisfied, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner
at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF.

Yours sincerely,

Bob Castle

Head of Information Rights and Information Security

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