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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I am writing to ask for the current guidelines on what counts as acceptable evidence in a jobsearch record, for example a reference number from universal jobmatch where the client does not wish to give the DWP access to UJM.

It is to my understanding that a UJM reference number can easily be used as evidence as it contains all relevant information and is a government website anyway, and in particular the employers contact details can be obtained from it to check up on an application.

And also a specific worst case scenario question im curious about if you dont mind answering,

In the case that the unemployed person does not trust jobcentre staff, and in some cases there is good reason not to and so does not give dwp access to UJM but does not have access to any printer to print out records of jobs from emails and cannot afford to buy a mobile phone/gadget with email on, (or otherwise has something against such things (e.g maybe a fear of phones? or a belief against using them?)) would the handwritten reference numbers count as appropriate jobsearching evidence or how would the unemployed show their record otherwise? (generally an email is replied to with an email and and a hand/written application is not guaranteed to get a response when handing in applications in person either)

Finally, is there a requirement to provide specific dates as opposed to the week something was applied to, as if something was applied to within that week then it would hardly matter specifically when the application was made, is it possible to just put the 2 week period dates with first and second week as the date applied? its quite easy to write down the job applied for but forget to put the date down especially since the new "my work plan" booklet has nothing to remind people to do this. (probably comes under info already asked for, but always good to ask for specifics)

while i dont need to explain this next part you may want to help me a little more for it, the nature of my request is that my local JCP staff are either lying or are bending the rules somewhere when they say that job reference numbers are not acceptable evidence and thus outright calling me a lier when providing them with references that hold all relevant information on a job OR have otherwise failed to inform me of a change in requirements while sanctioning my benefit IMMEDIATELY in the process without even checking upon the jobs which i applied for, essentially this in my opinion is unacceptable as why would i take the time to write out a full set of VALID reference numbers and job titles etc and not bother applying to said jobs especially when these jobs are applied to via email in which case a simple draft letter and its about 2 clicks and few keys away (lest they are suggesting someone experienced with computers wouldnt take the absoloute rock bottom minimal effort required to such a simple thing given that they are fully aware of this via disclosed qualification etc).

Yours faithfully,

Mark Smith

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Good morning Mr Smith,
Please find attached the reply to your recent Freedom of Information
request reference number 281:
Thank you
DWP Freedom of Information Team

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Mark Smith left an annotation ()

Thanks for the swift reply and in particular this last part confirms that i have been unfairly treated by my advisor/coach in this case as it says that i can still provide my jobsearch in a written format as i always have done

196. The evidence of jobsearch produced when they attend to have their regular
reviews may be in various forms:
• information they have provided from their Universal Jobmatch account;
• evidence in writing from employers, employment agencies, or other
organisations which they have contacted;
• copies of letters they have sent to employers;
• the claimant’s un-corroborated written evidence, for example an ES4;
• the claimant’s verbal evidence
• evidence from previous Jobsearch Reviews recorded on LMS.

refuted left an annotation ()

Related jobsearch records info including above foi disclosure.