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Mr J Ablett made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I would like to make an FOI request for the following information:

1) Could you please provide any up-to-date documents (as in, still currently applicable at today's date of 19/01/14) regarding the complaints procedure for Jobcentre Plus.

2) Could you also provide any up-to-date documents detailing how Jobcentre Plus staff should treat customers.

3) Could you please provide information on how many Jobcentre Plus staff have been dismissed following a complaint made against them personally and how many have been dismissed following a complaint made against the service. If any, could you break this down into figures per year, from 2010 - 2014, clarifying whether the dismissal was as a result of a direct complaint against a staff member or not.

4) Finally, could you please provide the total amount of complaints made against Jobcentre Plus for the same period, 2010 - 2014, broken down into figures per year, and if you have the information, whether the complaints were made against staff or Jobcentre Plus in general.

Yours faithfully,

Mr J Ablett

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John Slater left an annotation ()

I would be sceptical of any data you receive from the DWP about JCP Complaints.

I complained about how I was treated by staff in the JCP at the time and then later to the "Head Office" (Caxton House). My complaint was ignored at every turn and the people at the JCP denied any knowledge of it. It wasn't until I escalated my complaint to the Independent Complaints Examiner that anything happened and that wasn't a great deal.

Mr J Ablett left an annotation ()

Yeah I fear that may be the case. They seem to have carte blanche to treat customers however they wish so it'll be interesting to see if any have actually ever been punished.

Anita Bellows left an annotation ()

I know some of you don't follow twitter which is a mine of information. A story I followed on twitter:

Operations FOI Requests, Department for Work and Pensions

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Dear J Ablett,


Please find attached DWP response to your recent Freedom of Information


Yours Sincerley


DWP Operations.

FOI Team


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Mr J Ablett left an annotation ()

Bit of a disappointing reply really. The staff members that were dismissed could have been sacked for any number of reasons, but I guess if the cost is too high then there's not much I can do.

Mr Harris left an annotation ()

Their calculation of how your request exceeded the £600 limit is more helpful than most. Try the request again aiming to get details of just 50 dismissals

J Murphy left an annotation ()

Thank you for publishing these details. I am about to make a complaint against Jobcentre Plus/DWP and was interested in how many complaints are actually made, so this is really helpful. I note from their correspondence that complaints have been going up year on year.
I have just asked them who I complain to or who is their inspecting body such as CQC for NHS or OFSTED for education etc and they couldn't tell me!
I wonder how many complaints MPs have received about Jobcentre Plus/DWP?

Mr Harris left an annotation ()

J Murphy: There is a formal complaints system. First you complain to the particular Jobcentre. If they delay or you don’t like the answer, you go national. If you still have a problem there is the Independent Case Examiner (who can take many months) If even then you are unhappy, it’s the Parliamentary Ombudsman and your MP *has* to be involved. There are two good reasons to get your MP involved earlier:
1. They may help getting the problem fixed
2. The Ombudsman has time limits and early compliant to an MP helps. The Ombudsman’s form asks
When did you first write to your MP about your complaint?
If there was more than a year between you becoming aware of the problem and you contacting your MP, please explain why you did not complain to your MP earlier.

I’m not sure there ius any inspecting body for JCP/DWP like an OFSTED but it’s an interesting idea :-)

A final warning: The complaint handling I have experienced from JCP/DWP is poor. The main frustration is that they simply ignore the substance of your complaint and give bland assurances that they did everything they could to help you find work. I will be delighted to hear that they quickly and satisfactorily resolved your complaint - but I'm not holding my breath!

Andrew Schofield left an annotation ()

Andrew Schofield JSA
I receive JSA ( job seekers allowance) in my JSA agreement
I have to be actively seeking work ,I have proof through my emails
from applications I have made to employers
I have been refused a job I seen in the job centre for arriva busses
as its only for JSA people witch is what I am claiming , they told me im contracted to ingeus witch they have no contract with me ,my point is why make me claim JSA if I am not allowed a job for JSA claimants , I asked my so called advisor who is not fit to advise anyone I would like a good reason why I have been refused work, they didn't have an answer so I had to put it in writing to the main person in charge of the job centre so I did , 6 weeks later still nothing so I put it in writing again still nothing so I kicked up a fuss and they told me to go in a screens room ? its a 2by 2 room with cctv and audio ,I told the lady im recording the conversation for my benefit that's all she told me to leave and if I didn't she will call the police witch she did but they seen no evidence of me being a problem, now this lady wont sign me on because I wont go in that tiny cell they call a screens room , I have explained to them I had a brain haemorrhage a long time ago and I cannot be in confined spaces ,this lady is trying to intimidate me I feel depressed anxious and honestly scared of these im the person who wont do as hes told or is a threat to staff alls I wanted was the job I found , where would I go from that ?