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Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

I wish to request the following information under the terms of the
Freedom of Information Act 2000 ‘The FOI Act’ and or the
Environment Information Regulations 2004 ‘The EIR Regs’

In order to assist you with this request, I am outlining my query
as specifically as possible. As you will understand, this may not
be a definitive list of relevant information.

You should be aware that it is a requirement of the act to
respond within 20 working days.

You may be also be aware that S16 of the act provides a duty on yourselves
to assist requesters.

Jobcentre Plus Travel Discount Card (JPTDC)

1: Please provide a full copy of the application form (RSP 60002) for the JPTDC which can be used to apply for a card. This is needed because local Jobcentre Advisers and Managers are claiming the scheme does not exist.
2: Please provide a copy of your complaints procedure when the complaint is about local Jobcentre advisor and managers.
3: What training is provided to Jobcentre staff both old and new in regards to the JPTDC?
4: Please provide a link, website address or guide which a Jobcentre advisor can follow to be made aware of the JPTDC scheme.
5: If an adviser refuses to issue the JPTDC what recourse does a claimant have, e.g. Manager or Referral to Decision Maker?
5.1: Does an adviser have to provide a written reason for denial of the JPTDC if so requested by the claimant?6
6: What support does the Jobcentre provide to claimants to get to interviews if they are outside their local area if they do not have their own transport.
6.1: Please define Local Area, e.g. Mileage/Times. What would be deemed reasonable and the minimum.

If any document is to be exempted or refused then S16 must be followed to assist me in my request.

In accordance with S11 of the FOI Act and or S6 of the EIR Regs the data needs to be provided in an easily readable format such as .doc .pdf. xls and any abbreviations must be explained.

Yours faithfully,

I Madder

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K T Perry left an annotation ()

It says there is such a thing here -

everything else I've found is a few years old now

I Madder left an annotation ()

Thanks for the link to raileasy, but as thats not "government issued" or "issued directly by the DWP" so not official enough.

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