Jesus College, Oxford Computer Science Undergraduate Admissions Statistics (2022)

Jesus College, Oxford did not have the information requested.

Dear Jesus College, Oxford,

I request you to provide Computer Science (G400) admissions statistics for UCAS application year 2022 (applications opening in Sep-21 to confirmation in Aug-22), as per the following criteria:

1. Number of total applicants (direct / open), the number of interview calls and % of interview calls (taken from the total number of applicants), and number of offers and % of offers (from the total number of applicants).

2. The number and % of offer holders without A Level Further Maths.

3. The number and % of deferred entry offer holders.

4. The average MAT score in numerical form and % for offer holders.

Yours faithfully,

Eve Semat

Stuart Woodward, Jesus College, Oxford

Dear Eve


Thank you for your email. I am the FOI officer for Jesus College.


I understand that your request has been sent to most, or all, of the
Oxford colleges and hence the University will be responding on behalf of
the colleges, including Jesus College.




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