Dear Royal Mint,

Please could you advise how many Jane Austen £2 coins were minted in 2017. I am unable to find the figures for this coin nor is it listed on the scarcity index. I am curious if there are plans to release the mintage numbers officially. I received one in some change and as a collector I'm trying to determine the rarity of it.

Yours faithfully,


FOI, Royal Mint


There was insufficient demand for this coin to enter general circulation. A limited number of this design went into circulation via promotional activities to support the anniversary. There were 1,860 Jane Austen £2 coins released for this purpose.

Commemorative versions of this coin were also produced. The Royal Mint publish mintage information in respect of its commemorative coin issues on its website at As a matter of course and to ensure integrity of our mintages we publish mintage figures with a two year delay. Mintage figures in respect of 2017 commemorative coins (which include the Jane Austen coin) will therefore be published around January 2020.

FOI Team

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Dear FOI,

OK I guess I'll just have to wait then!

Many thanks though for your quick reply with what information you were able to provide.

Yours sincerely,


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