Jaconelli Alderman Vote

Waiting for an internal review by Scarborough Borough Council of their handling of this request.

Dear Scarborough Borough Council,

Please provide the names of all Scarborough Borough Councillors who voted to accept Peter Jaconelli as an Honourary Alderman of the Borough of Scarborough.

Yours faithfully,
Tim Thorne

Diane Cross, Scarborough Borough Council

Dear Mr Thorne


Email Address: [FOI #205635 email]


FOI Request Reference: FOIA3178 - Names of all Scarborough Borough
Councillors who voted to accept Peter Jaconelli as an Honorary Alderman of
the Borough of Scarborough


Thank you for your written communication of 04/04/2014.


Your request has been referred to the responsible officer and a response
should be made within the statutory timeframe of 20 working days from the
date of receipt.


In some circumstances a fee may be payable and if that is the case, we
will let you know. A fees notice will be issued to you, and you will be
required to pay before we will proceed to deal with your request.


Please ensure that any further communication in relation to this matter is
sent by you to the Freedom of Information Officer at the below address
quoting the reference (FOIA3178) in all communications.


Yours sincerely


Freedom of information Officer





Freedom of Information Officer

Democratic and Legal Services

Scarborough Borough Council

e: [1][Scarborough Borough Council request email]

Tel: 01723 232323

f: 0870 2384159 (Starfax)
w: [2]www.scarborough.gov.uk


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Dear Scarborough Borough Council,

I've had no reply to this very simple freedom of information request. Please consider this a request for an internal review as to why no information has been forthcoming in a timely fashion.

If the information arrives before close of play Friday, I won't make a complaint about the unnecessary delay and lack of response in answering this request to the Information Commissioner's Office, and I will consider the request fulfilled.

Yours faithfully,
Tim Thorne

Dear Scarborough Borough Council,

A response to this simple FOI request is long overdue and a request for an Internal Review has been made.

This is just a friendly reminder to ask the Borough Council to disclose information in a timely fashion or issue a valid refusal notice, which in turn will save the Information Commissioner's Office work in reprimanding the Council for ignoring FOI requests.

Yours faithfully,
Tim Thorne

Dear Scarborough Borough Council,

I don't accept the council's decision to refuse this FOI request on grounds it has declared me 'vexatious' is reasonable, warranted or indeed legal. I believe the information requested is very much in the public interest.

The is a request for an Internal Review of the council's handling of this FOI request.

If no response is forthcoming within 20 working days a complaint will be lodged with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Yours faithfully,
Tim Thorne

Tim Thorne left an annotation ()

No reply received to a request for an Internal Review.