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IT Systems Used by Adults and Childrens Services

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Dear Bradford City Council,

I am writing to you under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 to request the following information.

Please could you provide answers the following questions in Microsoft Excel format with one worksheet for Adults Service and one Childrens Services:

Q1. Which IT systems are used in the department specifically to provide core case management systems and any other supporting software holding information on individuals supported by your adults/children care services? For example, document management, RAS etc. Please provide name of system, supplier and type. e.g core case management system, electronic document management etc.

Q2. For each system identified in Q1 please could you let us know how many users their are?

Q3. For each system identified in Q1 please could you let us know when each of these systems were first implemented and how much has been spent on them each year for the last 5 years? Please breakdown the total cost of each into licence fees, annual support, professional services (training, implementation, consulting etc).

Q4. For each system identified in Q1 please could you let us know what the length of the current contract is and the date the contract ends?

Please could you provide the answers to these questions above in Microsoft Excel format with a separate worksheet for Adults and Childrens, please could you use the following Row titles and a Column for each system? (happy to provide a template as below if required).

System Name
Type of System
Number of Users
System Go Live Date
Length of Current Contract (years)
Current Contract End Date
Yr1 (FY2015/16) Licence Fee
Yr1 (FY2015/16) Professional Services
Yr1 (FY2015/16) Support and maintenance
Yr2 (FY2016/17) Licence Fee
Yr2 (FY2016/17) Professional Services
Yr2 (FY2016/17) Support and maintenance
Yr3 (FY2017/18) Licence Fee
Yr3 (FY2017/18) Professional Services
Yr3 (FY2017/18) Support and maintenance
Yr4 (FY2018/19) Licence Fee
Yr4 (FY2018/19) Professional Services
Yr4 (FY2018/19) Support and maintenance
Yr5 (FY2019/20) Licence Fee
Yr5 (FY2019/20) Professional Services
Yr5 (FY2019/20) Support and maintenance

Please let me know if you need any clarification.

I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours faithfully,

Michelle Pearson

Freedom of Information, Bradford City Council

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Nita Patel, Bradford City Council

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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Craig White please sign in and let everyone know.