Dear Abingdon Town Council,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information requests.

I would like to request the following breakdown of the Council's hardware maintenance and costs:

A list of the models of the physical servers, storage devices, tape libraries, network switches and routers under support contracts; as well as the cost and duration of said contracts, with start and end dates and service level associated with the equipment. Could you also supply the names of the suppliers of aforementioned support services?

I would also request the name of the person/s in your organisation responsible for the maintenance support contracts.

Yours faithfully,

John Wicker

Sandra Hill, Abingdon Town Council

Dear Mr Wicker


In response to your freedom of information request I should like to
confirm that this council does not have any hardware support contracts.






P please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to


Sandra Hill, Deputy Town Clerk,

Abingdon Town Council, The Old Abbey House

Abbey Close, Abingdon, Oxon.  OX14  3JD

Tele: 01235 468340 (direct dial) - 01235 522642 (switchboard) - Fax: 01235

Email: [1][email address].uk [2] 

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Town Council. As emails are transmitted over a public network Abingdon
Town Council cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy or
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necessary virus checks. You should be aware that all emails received and
sent by this Council are subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000
and therefore may be disclosed to other parties under that Act.




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