IT Patch Management Strategy

David Blades made this Freedom of Information request to Angus College of Further Education

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The request was successful.

Dear Angus College of Further Education,

IT security is a concern to all of us, in particular in an Educational establishment. I would like to know;

a) What patch management solution, if any, is in place?
b) What was the cost of purchasing and installing this solution?
c) What is the cost of annual maintenance or subscription fee for
this service?
d) When is this service due for renewal?
e) Who is responsible for your Patch Management strategy?

Yours faithfully,

David Blades

Sent request to Angus College of Further Education again, using a new contact address.

John Clayton, Angus College of Further Education


The answers to your request are as follows:

(a) We use WSUS, the standard Windows update service.

(b) This comes at no extra charge with our Windows licences.

(c) There is no annual fee for this.

(d) It does not have to be renewed.

(e) I am responsible for this strategy.

John Clayton

Information Systems Manager

Angus College

Angus College is a charity registered in Scotland: No SC021175

Dear John Clayton,

Thank you for your response and cooperation in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

David Blades