IT Organisational Structure

The request was successful.

Dear West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT),

Please could you supply a copy of the organisational structure for your your IM&T Division?

Yours faithfully,

J Askey

Jones Sandre (5P3) East and North Hertfordshire PCT, West Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT)

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NHS East and North Hertfordshire and NHS West Hertfordshire share a single
management team with the same Chief Executive and Executive Directors,
hence this response applies to both trusts.

Your Freedom of Information request, below, was answered for both trusts
on 22^nd January 2010. The response e-mail is attached for reference.

Please note that the information provided is the property of NHS East and
North Hertfordshire and NHS West Hertfordshire and subject to Intellectual
Property and Database Rights. Any commercial application or use of this
information may be subject to the provisions of the Re-use of Public
Sector Information Regulations 2005. This means that if you wish to re-use
the information provided for commercial purposes for any reason you must
ask us for permission to do so. Should we agree that you can use the
information it will be subject to the issue of a licence which may or may
not involve a fee. If you have any questions about this process please
contact me or e-mail [1][email address].

If you require further information please contact me. If you are
dissatisfied with this response or wish to appeal, please write to Mrs
Gloria Barber, Director of Workforce & Communications. If this does not
resolve your complaint, you may appeal to the Information Commissioner
whose contact details are available at [2], together
with further information about the Freedom of Information process.


Sandre Jones
Board Administrator
NHS East and North Hertfordshire, NHS West Hertfordshire
Charter House
Welwyn Garden City

Tel: 01707 369709
[3][email address]

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