IT Information Request

Currently waiting for a response from NHS England, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear NHS England,

Please could you provide me with the following information on the North East London Commissioning Support Unit;

1) The total annual budget of the organisation.
2) The current number of full time employees.
3) The annual IT budget.
4) A copy of the current ICT strategy document.
5) What storage vendor(s) and model do they currently use?
a. When was the installation date of above storage vendor(s)?
b. When is the planned (or estimated) storage refresh date? (Month/year)
c. What is the estimated budget for the refresh?
d. What date does the storage support contract end? (Month/year)
e. What is the value of the storage support contract?
f. What is the capacity of the storage data in TB?
6) What backup software do they use?
a. How much data do they backup in TB?
b. When is the planned (or estimated) backup software refresh date? (Month/year)
c. What is the estimated budget for the backup software refresh?
d. When does the backup support contract end? (Month/year)
e. What is the value of the backup support contract?
7) What compute vendor(s) and model do they currently use?
a. Number of servers?
b. Virtualisation platform?
c. When is the planned (or estimated) compute refresh date? (Month/year)

Yours faithfully,

Jack Daniels

FOI, England (NHS ENGLAND), NHS England

Dear Mr Daniels,


Thank you for your communication dated 5 January 2017.


NHS England has assessed your communication as a request under the Freedom
of Information (FOI) Act 2000. As such, please be assured that your
request is being dealt with under the terms of the FOI Act and will be
answered within twenty working days.


For further information regarding the FOI Act, please refer to the
Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website. For further information
regarding NHS England and the information it publishes please visit our
website here.


If you have any queries about this request or wish to contact us again,
please email [1][NHS England request email] and the message will be
forwarded appropriately. Please remember to quote the above reference
number in any future communications.


Please do not reply to this email. This message has been sent from a
central mailbox. To communicate with NHS England regarding Freedom of
Information (FOI) requests, enquiries or complaints we ask these are sent
directly to NHS England’s customer contact centre. This is to ensure all
communications are progressed correctly. Their postal address, telephone
number and email details are as follows:- PO Box 16738, Redditch, B97 9PT;
0300 3 11 22 33, [2][NHS England request email].


Yours sincerely,


Freedom of Information

Corporate Communications Team

Transformation and Corporate Operations Directorate


NHS England

PO Box 16738


B97 9PT


Tel: 0300 311 22 33

Email: [3][NHS England request email]


‘High quality care for all, now and for future generations’




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