IT Asset Disposal

Thomas Clarke made this Freedom of Information request to Lord Lawson of Beamish Academy

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Dear Lord Lawson of Beamish Community School, Chester le Street,

Please Provide answers to these questions regarding IT Asset Disposal

1. Please provide the name of your Information Governance Manager/Data Protection Officer.

2. Who is responsible for the data protection policy in your organisation?

3. Is the person in charge of the Data Protection Policy and Information Governance Manager aware of the Information Commission Guidance Notes for IT asset disposal?

4. Do you currently have an IT asset disposal policy?

5. Do you use any specialist third parties for IT Asset Disposal (including data erasure and destruction services) for all or part of the process?

6. What is the name of these third party partner/s used for asset disposal?

7. Do you have a contract in place with these company/s for asset disposal?

8. When did you last audit the companies that are contracted with IT Asset Disposal?

9. Do you use an ADISA approved asset disposal organisation?

10. Are you using CPA approved software for your data erasure?

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Clarke

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