IT and Cyber Security Teams - Permanent Staff vs. Contractors

KSmith made this Freedom of Information request to National Crime Agency
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The request was refused by National Crime Agency.

Dear National Crime Agency,

Please find below an FOI request on IT and Cyber Security Teams - Permanent Staff vs. Contractors.

1. How many people are currently employed (either permanently or on a contract basis) in the
a) IT team
b) Cyber Security team
2. How many open job vacancies do you have currently in the a) IT Team and b) Cyber Security?
3. Based on job appointments in the last 12 months in the IT and Cyber Security teams, on average, how long have these jobs been open before finding a candidate?
4. How many permanent job vacancies in a) IT and b) IT security were not filled this year?
5. In your cyber security team, what percentage do you have of permanent versus contract staff?
6. What is the average daily rate for security contractors for those currently employed in cyber security in your organisation?
7. What is the average salary for perm staff for those currently employed in cyber security in your organisation?

Yours faithfully,


PICU Enquiries, National Crime Agency


Dear KSmith,

We write in response to your email to the National Crime Agency dated 30th November 2018.

The NCA is not listed in Schedule 1 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and as such is not obliged to respond to Freedom of Information requests. The NCA is also not listed as a ‘Scottish Public Authority’ in the Freedom of Information (Scotland Act 2002).

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