Issued Amateur Radio Call Signs

The request was refused by Office of Communications.

Dear Office of Communications,

With reference to the Freedom Of Information Act I would like to know the following:

Please list all amateur radio call signs that take the format of
Thats is G then a number then XX is replaced by any other alphabetical character.

For example
G6XX G8DX G2DX G6SD etc etc.

These call signs ( T numbers ) are only 4 long. Please include any that are listed or stored on your systems with the regional locator such as GM6XX, GI6XX, GJ6XX etc etc.

Please list only that have been issued since 2010 and please include the country of origin for each call sign.

G6XX Scotland
G8UU Northern Ireland

Yours faithfully,

Billy McFarland

Jerin John, Office of Communications

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Dear Mr McFarland,


Please see attached our reply to your request for information.


Yours sincerely,


Jerin John


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