Issue temporary Crime Number for Police extrajudicial torture

Joanna Iatridou made this Freedom of Information request to Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

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The request was refused by Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Joanna Iatridou

Dear Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority,

Because it is bad image and bad for Strathclyde Police to be seen getting extra judicial torture complaints against them,and they might find new bureaucratic or downright criminal or harmful ways to escape issuing the crime number requested, please issue me here, on this site with a temporary crime number so that I can file on-line complaint against the Strathclyde Police for extrajudicial torture, asap, if possible within 24 hours. This situation of being intimidated by Strathclyde Police cannot continue any longer, the temporary crime number is needed to use your on-line application and to use your authority to report torture legally and remain unharmed and free from any danger or attack while in the process of doing so.

I got to stress that extra judicial torture is a public matter of national security, health and safety and that there are ways where targets of torture get blacklisted and get polite refusals from solicitors and are refused legal aid. What makes the prompt issue of a temporary crime number essential for human rights and to apply to CICA is also the fact that targets tortured by the Police should not engage in discussions or negotiations or arguments with their Local Police Officers without legal representation, which is something that the Police sabotages, thanks to their National Intelligence Management influence. Solicitors refuse politely to offer legal aid representation to targets of extra judicial torture by saying that they are "unfamiliar" with this area of Law and therefore they cannot take up the case.

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

General Enquiries, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority


Thank you for your enquiry but this is not something we can do... Many

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Joanna Iatridou left an annotation ()

Dear Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority,

****request for an internal review *****(the button doesn't work I submit it as annotation):
Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority's handling of my FOI request 'Issue temporary Crime Number for Police extrajudicial torture'.

It is impossible that CICA cannot issue a crime number or an administration number, when there is no crime number issued by the Local Police. it goes without saying that Police would be reluctant to issue crime number for crime complaint and compensation against the Police. Of course it is to be expected that the Police would be biased against this type of complaint and seek to discredit this type of complaint with a large number of administration tactics,delays, loopholes, red tape or ordering with phonecalls for the target of crime to be sectioned to discredit his allegations. Therefore, crime number or administration crime number must be issued by CICA, to supply the opportunity to proceed with presenting proof re. any allegation and judge the case according to its merits.

A full history of my FOI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address:

Yours faithfully,

Joanna Iatridou

Joanna Iatridou left an annotation ()

Without crime number issued promptly, no tricks, from the Police or administration-crime number issued by CICA where the Police escaped to issue crime number and write down accurate records with the crime allegations, there is ZERO access to Justice. With and admin-crime number by CICA, the target of torture (especially intimidated targets who complain of extra judicial torture by Police with DEWs Public Order weapons) with a CICA number, at least the target is allowed a TINY step towards access to Justice, by being able to fill in an on line form with CICA and create a record of his account what is the allegation of extra-judicial torture.Therefore this particular refusal is totally against the spirit of Justice and the Law and reason and PURPOSE why CICA exists.

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I don't think annotations work in this way, as they might not read it, but even if they did they'll ignore it.

I suggest that you use the website link to contact What do They Know themselves and ask them for help, or complain to the Information Commissioner at .

For immediate help I'd also suggest that you contact your local Citizens' Advice Bureau which can be found through this website .

Best of luck.