ISC/CBSE applicants

The request was partially successful.

Dear Homerton College, Cambridge,

I am making a request regarding the statistics for undergraduate applicants in the current cycle who applied with ISC/CBSE (Indian Curriculum) predicted grades.

Please provide for each applicant the following data in a single table with one row per applicant, and columns contain the following data:

*The course the applicant applied for
*The College the applicant applied for
*the applicant's predicted marks.
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant was called for interview
* a yes/no to indicate if offer was made
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant was pooled
* a yes/no to indicate if applicant has received offer from the pool, for the pooled applicants

Yours faithfully,

Shaurya Jain

Dear Homerton College, Cambridge,

Please ignore answering which college they applied to

Yours faithfully,

Shaurya Jain

Mailbox_FOI, Homerton College, Cambridge

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Dear Shaurya


Further to your recent Freedom of Information request please find attached
the data from Homerton College. 


As noted in your email sent on 03 September 2018 11:41 AM the data does
not include which College the applicant applied for.


Yours sincerely


FOI Officer

Homerton College


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