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Is all of Down Lane Park a dedicated Fields-in-Trust site?

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Dear Haringey Borough Council,

Please can you tell me if Down Lane Park is a dedicated Fields-in-Trust site?

If any part of the park is not dedicated, then please can you explain why it is not and when it will be dedicated.

Please can you explain what the dedication means and why Haringey Council have enetered into an agreement with Fields-in-Trust?

If any part of Down Lane Park is not dedicated as a Fields-in-Trust site, then please can you say if Fields -in-Trust have offered an agreement with the Haringey Council to have it dedicated.

Please can you confirm in the following sections of the park are dedicated Fields-in-Trust sites?

1. The open grass area with the football pitches and outdoor gym,

2. The middle section of the park with the tennis courts, the council office, the bowling green, and the basketball courts,

3. The southern section with the children's playground, the teenagers play area and the mound plus the cycle course.

Please can you provide details of any communication - in 2014 and 2015 - between Haringey Council and Fields-in-Trust regarding having Down Lane Park as a dedicated site. I am interested in emails or notes of meetings/conversations regarding any discussion on dedicating any part of the park not currenty a dedicated Fields-in-Trust site.

Please provide details of any funding Fields-in Trust have provided as part of the agreement to dedicate Down Lane Park? What has the council spent any funding on?

Are there any conditions to the funding? Has there been any delay in the releasing by Fields-in-Trust of any funding? Please account for any delay.

Yours faithfully,

Simon Gabbidon

Dingomal Simon, Haringey Borough Council

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Dear Mr Gabbidon,


Freedom of Information Request / Environmental Information Regulations
Request:  Reference: LBH/4447015


I acknowledge your request for information received on 9 July 2015.


This information request will be dealt with in accordance with the Freedom
of Information Act and we will send the response by 7 August 2015.


Yours sincerely,



Simon Dingomal 

Feedback Review Officer


Haringey Council 

River Park House, 225 High Road, London, N22 8HQ

020 8489 1988








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Pyall Tim, Haringey Borough Council

Dear Mr Gabbidon,

Re: Freedom of Information Act Request ref: LBH/4447105


Thank you for your request for information received on 9^th July 2015, in
which you asked for the following information:


You have requested information relating to whether Down Lane Park is a
dedicated Fields-in-Trust site.


My response is as follows:


The current position is that Down Lane Park is set to become a Queen
Elizabeth Fields site (Fields in Trust) in the near future.


Down Lane was accepted as a Fields site in 2013  but upon completion in
2014  an error was found in the mapping of the park, omitting the
non-recreational grass area in the south of the park.


This parcel of land was added as park land in the 1980’s when the Down
Lane School was demolished  as part of a land swap that allowed the
Technopark (Ashley Road) to be constructed, that area having previously
been part of the park.


Within the deed pack of the southern portion were 1890’s documents that
gave access rights to persons not identified in the papers held and prior
to its becoming a school in C.1910. The risk of access being demanded is
so low more than 100 years on, that the Council’s Legal Section has
recently accepted that the process can now be completed and that Down Lane
Park can and  will be officially designated a Queen Elizabeth Field.


An allocation of £10,000 has been used as part of the current upgrades to
the park, we have been asked and will provide to Fields in Trust an
invoice, to this value, next week.


If you have any further queries, or are unhappy with how we have dealt
with your request and wish to make a complaint, please contact the
Feedback and Information Team as below. (Please note you should do this
within two months of receiving this response.)   


Feedback and Information Team

River Park House

225 High Road

N22 8HQ

Telephone: 020 8489 1988

Email: [1][email address]


Yours sincerely,


Tim Pyall

Infrastructure Manager


Haringey Council

Environmental Services and Community Safety

6th Floor, Alexandra House, 10 Station  Road, London N22 7TR


[mobile number]

[2][email address]

WEB: [3]www.haringey.gov.uk


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We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Simon Gabbidon please sign in and let everyone know.

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