Is 5G a risk to the UK human population

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

As regards EMF radiation what is the safe levle of constant exposure to the human fetus?
As regards EMF mm wave frequency what is the safe lewel for constant exposure prior to there being any damage to the biology of a cell?
Is mm wave EMF used as a weapon ?
Is mm wave EMF used for croud control?
Do 5G frequencies cause any damage to the human being? to any life form?
Has EMF ever been used by the ministry of Defence for any purpose to cause harm or to spy?
Will 5g infrastructure have the capability to spy on the UK population?
Is there any risk to the human UK population from 5g EMF for our privacy our health at constant exposure.
What is the maximum time you would use mm wave technolgy on a human being and what are the effects and the frequencies used? What happens at this level of time and if it were for longer than this time what would happen?
Do you consider 5g to be a risk to the UK population now or in the future once it is rolled out?

Yours faithfully,

Emma Gomez

Dstl FOI,

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Dear Ms Gomez,

Please find attached our response to your FOI request.

Dstl Secretariat

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Dear Dstl FOI,

You write the following:

A search for the information has now been completed within the Ministry of Defence (MOD), and we can confirm that no information in scope of your request is held.

Please clarify. Is MOD here to protect the human beings who reside in the United Kingdom or only the Crown?

How is it possible for you not to hold such information as is in my request when there are weapons/ crowd control used that use EMF. Is it because you do not use the word EMF and it comes under a different name?
Public Health ENGLAND do not hold this information either.
Yours sincerely,

Emma Gomez

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