Irish rebranding exercise

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Dear Department of Finance (Northern Ireland),

Please provide the following information in relation to the Irish rebranding of the Department of Finance and its associated bodies.

1. Please provide information regarding who made the decision to rebrand the Department to include Irish language in the Department's logo and the logos for associated bodies/organisations connected with the Department. Please also include the reasoning/arguments of how this decision was made.

2. Please explain why the Department's logo and associated bodies/organisations logos do not include Ulster-Scots language, and who made this decision.

3. Please provide information on the approved corporate identity guidelines in place for all NI Civil Service departments; and if the new dual language logo for DoF differs from the guidelines and that of other NI department, who made this decision and what were the reasons/arguments for the decision.

4. Please provide a break down of costs for this rebranding exercise across DoF and its associated bodies/organisations such as, but not limited to, stationery, websites, external and internal signage, promotional material, corporate items (lanyards, pens etc),

(associated bodies should include but not limited to: NISRA, LPS, NICSHR, CPD, CAL, ESS, GRO, AccountNI, HRConnect)

If you require any clarification, or I can reframe this request in anyway to be more specific, please let me know.

Yours faithfully,

Kerr Nicholls

Torrens, Ann, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Mr Nicholls

Acknowledgement letter attached. Please confirm receipt.


Ann M Torrens
Information Management Unit
Room 26, Dundonald House
Upper Newtownards Road

Telephone:02890 525503/ext 25503
E-mail: [email address]

DoF FOI, Department of Finance (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Mr Nicholls

Please find attached response to your request for information. Please confirm receipt.


Donna McGrattan
Information Management Unit
Department of Finance (DoF)