Intimidating behaviour from ex partner

Katy Thompson made this Freedom of Information request to Cleveland Police

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The request was refused by Cleveland Police.

Dear Cleveland Police,
I would really appreciate the reports regarding two incidents involving my ex partner Michael Stephen Andrew Thompson. First of which was the Friday 15th January. The second would of been the 29th January The first one I was referred to a social worker then Harbour due to domestic violence.

The second incident was due to Mr Thompson turning up at my and causing distress to myself. The police constables at the time did a safe guarding check and mentioned prosecuting Mr Thompson but if I didn't the information would be kept on file.

Mr Thompson made an application to the court but unfortunately lied about why. I have been advised to get intouch with yourselves to request the above.

Yours faithfully, Katy Jayne Thompson

Freedom of Information, Cleveland Police

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Freedom of Information, Cleveland Police

Dear Ms Thompson,

Unfortunately this is not something that can be dealt with via The Freedom of Information Act as under the Act information is disclosed to the world at large and not just the individual requester.

You can apply for a Subject Access Check via the Cleveland Police website at

Or e-mail the Information Rights Section, who deal with Subject Access Requests, via the following link;
[email address]

Yours sincerely,

Ms E McGuigan
Freedom of Information Decision Maker
Directorate of Standards and Ethics
Cleveland Community Safety Hub | 1 Cliffland Way | Hemlington | TS8 9GL
E-mail: [email address]

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