Interview scores of G100 applicants for 2020 entry

The request was successful.

Dear Downing College, Cambridge,
I am requesting the following for applicants for Mathematics at Downing College for 2020 entry

Number of A*s at GCSE
A-Level predictions
Interview Scores
Offer made or not
Pooled (if not made an offer)

Yours faithfully,
John Adams

Paul Boult, Downing College, Cambridge

Dear Mr Adams,
Thank you for your FoI request to Downing College concerning statistics
for G100 Maths applicants for 2020. I am pleased to provide you with
answers as follows.
Please note, 36 applicants were interviewed and there are 12 offer

 1. Number of A*s at GCSE:

All applicants: 180; Offer holders: 67 (Note, not all applicants complete

 2. A-Level predictions:

All applicants range from 2xA*A, up to 4xA*; Offer holders range from
2xA*A A to 4xA* (Note, not all applicants complete A-Levels)

 3. Interview Scores:

All applicants: interview range 3.0 ‚Äď 9.5; Offer holders: 6.0-9.5

 4. Offer made or not:

There are 12 offer holders

 5. Pooled (if not made an offer):

13 unsuccessful candidates were placed in the Winter Pool
Further information about making a request to the College, including your
legal rights if you are not satisfied with our response, may be found at
Best wishes,
Paul Boult
Records & Information Manager
Downing College, Cambridge

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