Dear Transport for Wales,

I am writing to you regarding your response to my recent Freedom Of Information Act request that i made to you here:

Title: Automated Announcements

Reference: 2021 195


As you have refused my request i understand that i am now entitled to request that you carry out an Internal Review of my request. So this email is to request an Internal Review please.

You have refused my request under the Health & Safety section 38 exemptions which i believe is complete and utter nonsense. There is absolutely no Health & Safety issues with giving out automated announcements. They are the very same automated announcements that you play onboard your trains and at your railway stations all day every day. These are simply giving information such as where the trains are going and where the trains are calling at and things like that. There is absolutely zero risks in giving out such recordings. It would absolutely not endanger any individuals at all. If that was the case then you would not be playing them on your trains and at your stations all day every day. You are so obviously just using this Health & Safety section 38 exemption as an excuse to avoid giving out these recordings despite no safety risk. It is being used as an excuse.

If there are any special safety and security automated announcements that are included in these files then you could just redact and remove those ones and give me all the other recordings if you really think this is an issue here. But 99% of the recordings should not be an issue. About 99% of the recordings are just information about stations stops and calling patterns and things like that.

Additionally to further prove that this exemption should not apply to my request i would like to point out to you that many other train companies and tram companies including, LNER, TFL, Tyne & Wear Metro, Manchester Metrolink, and many others have all given out copies of their automated announcements sound files under the Freedom Of Information Act so there is no reason why you could not too. Have a search on the What Do They Know website here and you will find many automated announcements sound files that have been given out by these companies.

So i would like you to carry out an Internal Review and to have a look again in to my request. I do not believe that you have any valid reasons or exemptions to refuse my request.

So once again could i please request that you attach the sound files of all of your Transport For Wales automated announcements that play onboard your trains and at your railway stations platforms. So this should include both your onboard announcements and your station announcements. Any format such as MP3 or ZIP or whatever is fine. This is for personal use and interest only.

Thank you very much for this and i look forward to your reply to my Internal Review and hope to receive all of the sound files soon.

Yours faithfully,

Brian Davis

Freedom Of Information, Transport for Wales

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derbyn y cais.

I gael rhagor o wybodaeth am ein proses Rhyddid Gwybodaeth, ewch i’n

Thank you for your email requesting information from Transport for Wales.
Your request has been passed to a member of the team for action.

We will issue a response within the permitted deadline under Freedom of
Information Act, which is 20 working days from the day after receipt of
the request.

For more information on our Freedom of Information process, please see our

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gamgymeriad, plîs hanfonwch yn ôl i ni ar unwaith a ddilëwch y neges heb
ei ddarllen, copïo neu ledaenu.
This email (and any attachment) is intended solely for the addressee and
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Freedom Of Information, Transport for Wales

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Victoria Madelin, Transport for Wales

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Good morning,

Further to the advice received from support staff, we now submit an amended version of our response. The content of this response remains exactly the same, though the image of the wet signature of the reviewer has now been removed to protect their personal data. No other omissions or amends have been made, and the details of the reviewer are still provided in the text signature.

Please use this version of our response.

Kind regards,

Transport for Wales

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