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Dear Department for Work and Pension

4. Covert surveillance against DWP employees can only be carried out by Fraud Investigation Service (FIS) as part of an investigation into benefit-related fraud. Any suggestion that a DWP employee is involved in other types of fraud, or wrongdoing and where a Social Security benefit is not involved must be referred to Risk Assurance Division (RAD). Applications for directed surveillance are made and authorised by nominated officers in RAD.

Under the FOI can you advise if this information is still correct as I understand now all cases of suspected fraud must be on fraims and then liaison with internal fraud.

If surveillance a single drive by or pass is carried out then should it be recorded as such in the officers in one notebook and on fraims having been approved by an HEO or equivalent then referred for application of full authorisation RIP1. A second sighting is not appropriate if the 1st is positive.

If an officer then continues to undertake further surveillance of a subject without formal authorisation would they not be in breach of blue print and RIPA guidance. If they then establish that a person was innocent throughout would this be deemed as a fundamental breach of ECHR A8

Under DWP policy of GDPR how long should allegations proven to be malicious be retained.

According to CPIA vs GDPR how long should documentarian recorded proven to be malicious be kept.

In which case should a senior officer look to take disciplinary action for any potential breaches of CPIA RIPA GDPR and HRA, additionally, if illegally sanctioned by a higher grade, should that matter have been looked at as a serious breach of the code of conduct of Dwp officers, or alternatively, would this be another? Oh dear, we lost the paperwork. We don’t recall anything about it despite it being in black-and-white and where they indicate several officers were involved, but no records could be found or recalled, and these are supposed to be your honest officers, demonstrating honesty, integrity, and bound by the code of conduct, the code of conduct unless of course, they wish to cover up more wrongdoings within your departments

If the senior officer is aware of unauthorised surveillance proven malicious throughout the time it was recorded under CPIA and kept under GDPR who should they report the matter to

In the period since April 2016 to date how many investigations have there been into the misuse of surveillance powers which include CPIA - RIPA - HRA -GDPR

How many were dealt with internally

What was the outcome of the internal investigation

How many did dwp report to the commissioners office as breaches.

What were the findings of the ICO? I do not wish to know. Names or information. I am seeking their comments to yourselves. Additionally, any sanctions fines or warnings given to your agency?

And finally, were you made to compensate innocent parties as a result of the illegal practices of your staff, and if so, please detailed this on a year by year basis.

Yours faithfully,

Ann Arthur

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