Internal Audit investigation

Nigel Ward made this Freedom of Information request to Scarborough Borough Council

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Waiting for an internal review by Scarborough Borough Council of their handling of this request.

Dear FOI Officer,

I write to request information under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

On 15th July 2019, a Scarborough Borough Council Report (RB – 151) clearly marked NOT FOR PUBLICATION and HIGHLY CONFIDENTIAL, was leaked into the public domain.

At a meeting of the Scarborough Borough Council Audit Committee on 25th of July 2019, SBC Monitoring Officer Lisa Dixon informed members that the leak was currently under investigation by both Internal Audit and the North Yorkshire Police cyber-crime team.

On 1st August 2019, Chief Inspector Rachel Wood confirmed, in a statement to the Scarborough News, that NYP had opened an investigation.

On 27th July 2020, Scarborough Borough Council Leader, Councillor Steve Siddons, in response to a member's question, asserted that the Police had "fully investigated" the leak and was "unfortunately unable to draw any firm conclusion" as to "who did leak" the information.

The information I seek is as follows:

1) The name, rank and collar number of the NYP Officer to whom the alleged crime was reported, together with the name and position of the SBC Officer who made the referral to NYP;

2) The name and position of the SBC Officer who made the referral to the North Yorkshire Police, and a (suitably redacted) copy of that referral;

3) The names, positions and contact details of the members of the Scarborough Borough Council Internal Audit investigation;

4) The start and end dates of the investigation;

5) The (suitably redacted) report on the investigation, including its conclusions;

6) The date of that report - and the date on which it was formally made available to elected members;

7) The reason why members of Internal Audit or any other individual or team investigating the leak did not interview personnel associated with the internet magazine which published the leaked report.

8) The total cost, over and above normal costs, that were incurred in relation to increased security (internal and external) during the period, beginning September 2016 until the date of your response, in which elected members were/are/will be obliged to enter the Town Hall securely through a rear door and the Civic Reception was/is/will be closed to visitors?

9) Please detail the individual costs disclosed in Item 7, above.

I look forward to receiving a full response, in the public interest, within 20 working days.

Kind regards,



You have failed to process my request in a timely manner.

Please record this request for Internal Review. Thank you.



Dear Scarborough Borough Council,

Please proceed with my request for Internal Review. Thank you.