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Dear Bolton NHS Foundation Trust,

1. Do you insource any clinical services and which ones?
2. Do you have a contract with any company and who is that and for which insourcing services?
3. Did you procure this under any current framework and if so which one?
4. How is this charged for by the third party service provider per patient/per tariff
5. Are you currently being charged below, on or above NHS tariff?
6. Do you use substantively employed Trust staff to delivery all or part of the insourced service?
7. The total number of procedures completed by each supplier (named) in the following categories:
• Endoscopy
• Ophthalmology
• Neurology
• Dermatology
• All Other
8. The total spend completed by each supplier (named) per service area
9. Please give an annual breakdown per annum of insourcing services per service area:
• 15/16
• 16/17
• 17/18
• 18/19

Yours faithfully,

Sarah James

Freedom of Information, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust



Ref No:       2019-713


Dear Sir/Madam,


Thank you for your email dated 25^th November 2019 requesting information
about Insource  clinical services.


To proceed with your Freedom of Information Request can you please clarify
the following please?


Can you clarify what they mean by “in sourcing”?





Yours sincerely,


Information Governance Department


Informatics Building

Opposite N Block

Royal Bolton Hospital

' 01204 390390 Ext 3982

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Dear Freedom of Information,

Thank you for your reply.

What was meant by the term insourcing is where services offered by the Trust are mirrored in an evening and on weekends to reduce waiting times and to offer more flexible appointment times.

The work is performed on the Trusts own premises with the trusts equipment, but the staffing and service is provided by a Third Party.

Yours sincerely,

Sarah James