Insolvency Service - Some staff paid to work- on Data subject files from Home

Sarah Daniels made this Freedom of Information request to Insolvency Service

This request has been closed to new correspondence from the public body. Contact us if you think it ought be re-opened.

The request was partially successful.

24 June 2011

Dear Insolvency Service,

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Freedom of
Information reviews.

Complaints against staff:
Please confirm - in the last 6 years-

how many complaints were made against named persons in your London and birmingham offices
what were they about
which named persons were they made against
what was the results
Please provide a copy of the Complaints handling Process from start to conclusion

IS - London and Birmingham Staff working from home - in the last 3 years-
Please provide a copy of the IS policy document and its rules regarding process and procedures of staff working from home

Provide a list of staff who are authorised to work from home

IS - London and Birmingham- IS telephone services diverted from IS offices to IS staff home-- in the last 3 years please provide the undermentioned details

please provide the IS policy document regarding its rules of allowing staff to switch the IS Office phone to their home phone and work from there.

please provide the names of the IS staff, their location, their designations and salary.

please provide type of data subject business conducted from off the IS premises and provide a copy of your policy document dealing with that "practice and processes."

please provide copy of risk assessment processes undertaken by IS before allowing IS staff to work off IS premises on data subject business.

please provide copy of claims made by individual staff for transacting IS business from home when using the IS phone switched on to the IS staff personal home address.

Please provide policy document confirming how the IS Worker carrying out work at home can get into the IS database to save work carried out at home.

Please provide policy document confirming reimbursement of IS staff on their broad band purchase - so they can get into the IS database to save work carried out at home.

Thank you.

FOI, Insolvency Service

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Dear Ms Daniels

Please find attached below The Insolvency Service's response to your FOI

FOI/DPA Team | Technical Section | The Insolvency Service | 8
[1][Insolvency Service request email] | * 21 Bloomsbury St. London WC1B 3QW |

<<Response 21 July 2011.doc>> <<flexible working flow chart.doc>>
<<Flexible working patterns (including part time working).doc>>
<<Flexworking (homeworking).doc>>

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