Insidious effects

Response to this request is delayed. By law, Ministry of Defence should normally have responded promptly and by (details)

Dear Ministry of Defence,

Document RSRC/58(1)
States inter alia......

1. Introduction
The damage is insidious because the effects are not immediately felt and damage may become apparent only after a period of years......

60 years have now elapsed. Has that damage been evaluated?

Yours faithfully,

arthur boyd

DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER), Ministry of Defence

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Boyd,


Please see attached a response to your FOI request, ref: FOI2017/00445.


Best wishes,


DE&S Policy Secretariat


Dear DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER),

Please disclose what information you have without exceeding the limit.
Please also advise where I can research the documents myself--location availability etc.
Am well aware there have been 3 "full" epidemiological analyses. If they had been "full" as you imply, it would not be necessary for me to seek this information from you under the Act

Yours sincerely,

arthur boyd

Dear DES SEC-PolSecShips and Subs (MULTIUSER),

Please advise when you will be in a position to reply
20 working days are stipulated

Yours sincerely,

arthur boyd

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