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Dear Food Standards Scotland,

Under FoI, please could you tell me:

- How many open positions you have for "inside IR35" workers/contractors? (ie. how many positions are you advertising but so far have not found suitable people to fill)
- How many filled "inside IR35" positions do you have? (ie. how many people are working for you with "inside IR35" conditions)

You're welcome to use any time in the recent past for these calculations, although the more recent the better, please (and please tell me what time you used). The length of tenure, either expected or worked is not important - just the number of positions is enough for me.

For example:

"On January 22nd, we had 12 open inside-IR35 positions, and 5 filled".

Yours faithfully,

Ralph Bolton

Food Standards Scotland

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Please accept my apologies for the delay in your response, which I have




Stuart Keith

Openness & Correspondence Officer

Food Standards Scotland

Pilgrim House, Old Ford Road, Aberdeen, AB11 5RL

01224 285100








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