Inquiries about the Welsh Investment Strategic Partnership

Mr Hoffman made this Freedom of Information request to Local Government Data Unit - Wales

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Local Government Data Unit - Wales did not have the information requested.

My name is Mr Hoffman and I work for David Davies who is the MP for the Welsh Constituency of Monmouth. I have some enquiries about the Welsh Investment Strategic Partnership (WISP) which was a project set up in 2005 by the Welsh Development Agency(WDA)which is now part of the Welsh Assembly which I was wondering whether you could help me out with. The project involves the government alongside the private contractor Babbock and Brown is leasing office space from private developers and then sub-letting it to other private companies as high-class office space. The objective is to attract investment to Wales. I on behalf of David Davies have a few questions relating to WISP'S data, which I feel the Local Government Data Unit for Wales may be able to help me with.

Here are the questions

1.How much does it cost for the WISP to lease the commercial buildings off the developers considering that WISP leases the property for 25 years?

2. How many properties have been delivered (completed) by WISP, and how this compare to the amount of properties WISP has tried to deliver a) percentage wise b) numbers wise much is it costing for the Welsh Government to sell these high-class office buildings to the private sector at a loss?

4.WISP aims to deliver up to £3150 million of new business space in Wales by 2015, how close are they to meeting this target?

5. From each year 2005-2006 can the breakdown of figures in monetary value for new office space created by WISP be given by year and if possible by month up to September 2010.

6. Wish has said they are stepping in, as the land cost in Wales did not meet with competed value. With this in how much is the land costing which the government is leasing many properties is WISP leasing and out of this how many of these properties they are leasing, have private companies leased back?

8.How much of the WISP partnership percentage wise is made up of the private property company Australian Private Babbock and Brown?

9. How much money has been given by the Welsh Assembly through the WDA to the WISP Scheme and has this been increasing or decreasing in recent years?

10. In the scheme, which includes the public sector, how much money has the public sector side of the WISH scheme contributed to leasing the scheme?

11. How much does it cost for WISH to do up the office space to turn it into high-class commercial property.

12. Since the Scheme has been in place in 2005, what is the number of Commercial Businesses in Wales a) the number of people employed in these companies b) has this been an increase or decrease on the number of commercial businesses in Wales since 2005 c) and if so how many more or less commercial businesses is this)

13. Since 2005 has the level of private investment as a percentage of the Welsh economy increased or decreased a) and has the number of high-class commercial properties the private sector in Wales has used has increased or decreased)

14. Since 2005 has the size of the public sector increased or decreased both percentage wise and in numbers?

15. What was the level of inward investment in Wales before the WISP scheme was introduced by the WDA in 2005, and what was the level of inward investment in each year from 2006-2010 following the introduction of the scheme?

If I could receive a reply back from this Freedom of Information request as soon as possible, I would be most greatful.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Hoffman

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Richard Palmer, Local Government Data Unit - Wales

Dear Mr Hoffman

Thank you for your request for information under the Freedom of
Information act. Unfortunately, the data you request is not data that is
held or collected by the Data Unit.

I'm sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.


Richard Palmer ● Head of Improvement / Pennaeth Gwasanaethau Gwelliant
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