Inherent Equity – Court of Equity/Court of Conscience

Eddie Fry made this Freedom of Information request to Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

Supreme Court of the United Kingdom did not have the information requested.

Dear Supreme Court of the United Kingdom,

Inherent Equity – Court of Equity/Court of Conscience

Under the Freedom Of Information Act please state all information you hold in whatever form, that confirms where a Court of Conscience can be found within the present court system. This used to be known as a Court of Equity.

Yours faithfully,

Eddie Fry

Enquiries (UK Supreme Court), Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

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Dear Mr Fry,


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request which we received on 16
October 2015.


Please find our response attached.


Kind regards,


Rebecca Lowson

Information Officer

Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

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Tel: 020 7960 1900

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Eddie Fry left an annotation ()

" Law is nothing without equity, and equity is everything, even without Law. Those who perceive what is just and what is unjust only through the eyes of the law, never see it as well as those who behold it with the eyes of equity. Law may be looked upon, in some manner, as an assistance for those who have a weak perception of right and wrong, in the same way that optical glasses, are useful for those who are shortsighted, or those whose visual organs are deficient. Equity, in its true and genuine meaning, is the soul and spirit of the law; positive law is construed, and rational law is made by it. "

Institutes of American Law 1882, Vol. 2, s. 3724, para. 4. by John Bouvier