Information Technology staff qualifications

The request was successful.

Dear Lothian NHS Board,

Please provide undr the FOI Act the following information:

1. The number of IT (eHealth) staff including contractors at each
grade working in NHS Lothian, .

2. Job titles of all members of staff working in IT (eHealth)
within NHS Lothian.

3. Qualifications required by each and every job title holder
within NHS Lothian.

4. Qualifications held by each and every job title holder within
NHS Lothian.

Yours faithfully,

J. Simpson

Mutch, Richard, Lothian NHS Board

Your requests will be dealt with under the terms of the Freedom of
Information (Scotland) Act 2002, which requires that we respond to you
within 20 working days.

NHS Lothian's policy on Freedom of Information requires all requests to
be collated and responded to from the offices of Lothian NHS Board at
Waverley Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG.

We will therefore be required to send you a formal response to your
request by 28 March 2012.

In the meantime if you have any queries about the way in which your
request will be handled please contact me at the address below.

Richard Mutch
Lothian NHS Board
Waverley Gate
2-4 Waterloo Place
email:[email address]

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Mutch, Richard, Lothian NHS Board

67 Attachments

Attached is NHS Lothian's response to your FOI request.

If you require a signed copy or anything else please let me know.

0131 465 5687

<<it qualifications.doc>> <<Team Leader PAS CO-IS–NRIS-SM3-001 .doc>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-COSPM COS Project Manager 2005.doc>> <<U-CR-INS-ALL-COSSDA
COS Senior Application Developer-Architect 2005.doc>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-DLP.doc>> <<U-CR-INS-ALL-ITSM IT Services Manager.doc>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-PRM.doc>> <<U-CR-INS-ALL-SM1 IM&T Service Manager.pdf>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-SSSAS Senior Systems Support Analyst Specialist.pdf>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-SSSNS Senior Systems Support Network Specialist.pdf>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-SUPMGR RHSC_IT_Support_Manager.pdf>>
<<U-CR-INS-ALL-TDS2.doc>> <<U-CR-INS-ECCI-PM1 ECCI Programme Manager
Final.doc>> <<U-NC-IMT-ALL-ISSSA IS Senior Systems Analyst.doc>>
<<U-NC-IMT-ALL-LISA Lab Information System Administrator.doc>>
<<U-NC-IMT-ALL-PASSO PAS (Patient Admin System) Support Officer.doc>>
<<U-NC-IMT-ALL-SSA Specialist System Administrator.doc>>
<<U-NC-IMT-ALL-SSAM Security & Systems Admin Manager.doc>> <<WLD-IT13
ITSD1 - Service Delivery Manager.doc>> <<WLD-IT16 ITCO - Information
Services Coordinator.doc>> <<WLD-IT17 - Information Services
Administrator.doc>> <<WLD-IT19 ITASA - Assistant System
Administrator.doc>> <<WLD-IT25 - Head of Information Services.DOC>>
<<WLD-IT26 - Project Administrator.doc>> <<WLD-IT28 SSCIM1 - Corporate
Information Manager.doc>> <<eHealth Structure - Job Descriptions Summary
2012 03.xls>> <<eHealth Structure - Job Descriptions Summary 2012
03.xlsx>> <<eHealth System Admin Team Member Gen A&C4.doc>> <<JD Director
of eHealth.doc>> <<L-EHEALTH-MR-SEC - Secretary to Head of Ops &
Infrastructure.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-1SO - eHealth 1st Line Support OfficerO
2006.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-ASA - eHealth eAssess Application System
Administrator.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-AT - eHealth Application Trainer
2006.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-DAD - eHealth Department Administrator 2005.doc>>
<<LN-EHEALTH-DE - eHealth Desktop Engineer 2008.pdf>> <<LN-EHEALTH-DEV -
eHealth Developer.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-DSO - Desktop Support Officer
2008.pdf>> <<LN-EHEALTH-NE - Network Engineer 2008.pdf>> <<LN-EHEALTH-PA -
eHealth Personal Assistant to the Director 2006.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-PM -
eHealth Project Manager 2007.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-PO1 - eHealth Project
Officer 2006.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-PR - ehealth Project Radiographe
2005.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-SA - eHealth System Analyst 2007.doc>>
<<LN-EHEALTH-SADM - eHealth Systems Administrator 2007.doc>>
<<LN-EHEALTH-SE - eHealth Server Engineer 2008.pdf>> <<LN-EHEALTH-SM -
eHealth PACS System Manager 2007.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-SNE - Senior Network
Engineer 2008.pdf>> <<LN-EHEALTH-SO - eHealth IT Security officer
2007.doc>> <<LN-EHEALTH-SPM - eHealth Senior Project Manager 2007.doc>>
<<LN-EHEALTH-SSE - Senior Server Engineer 2008.pdf>> <<LN-EHEALTH-TTL -
eHealth Training Team Leader 2006.doc>> <<L-SGOV-CB-IAERP - Information
Analyst - eReferral Prog -19-2-09 (2).doc>> <<L-SGOV-CB-PMERP - Programme
Manager- eReferral Prog -19-2-09 (2).doc>> <<L-SGOV-CB-RMERP - eHealth
Regional Manager - eReferral 19-2-09.doc>> <<P-IMT-CIS-SAP1 - CIS Data
Analyst Programmer System Administrator 2005.doc>> <<P-IMT-NET-JNA1 -
Junior Network Administrator 2005.doc>> <<P-IMT-NET-LM1 - List Manager
2005.doc>> <<P-IMT-PCS-AA1 - Administrative Assistant 2005.doc>>
<<P-IMT-PCS-DM1 - Primary Care IT Development Manager 2005.doc>>
<<P-IMT-PCS-PM1 - Primary Care IT Procurement Manager 2005.doc>>
<<P-IMT-PCS-TO2 - GP IT Facilitation and Training Officer x 5.doc>>
<<P-IMT-REH-CSA1 - Clinical Info Systems Administrator 2005.doc>>
<<P-IMT-REH-IASO1 - Systems Information Analyst & Support Officer 2005
.doc>> <<P-IMT-REH-ODBA1 - Senior IT Systems Administrator - Oracle DBA -
PiMs 2005.doc>> <<P-IMT-REH-PM1 - IT Systems Project Manager - PiMS
Paragon Psymon 2005.doc>> <<P-IMT-REH-SDM1 - Systems Development Manager
(D Hood).doc>> <<P-IMT-REH-TSM1 - Technical Support Manager 2005.doc>>

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