Dear Shropshire Council,

In relation to West Mercia police, and information sharing, "legal gateways"... please provide the following:

1. Your signed mou with West Mercia police
2. The data processing contract
3. The service Level agreement
4. Information sharing agreement.

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Pearsall

FOI, Shropshire Council

Dear Mr Pearsall


Thank you for your request for information received on 30/08/2019.  We are
currently processing your request in accordance with the relevant


Your request is for information relating to information sharing 'legal
gateways' between Shropshire Council and West Mercia Police.


(Please note this may be a summary of your request and full details, as
outlined in the request, will be sent to the team providing the response).


If you feel the information is inaccurate or requires amendment, please
notify us as soon as possible using the contact details provided below. 


Yours sincerely


Information Governance Team

Shropshire Council


Abbey Foregate




Tel:                  01743 252179 / 252774 / 252747

Email:             [Shropshire Council request email]

Web:               [1]



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Clare Hamer, Shropshire Council

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    Safer Communities Information Sharing Agreement 2015 Amended v2 002.pdf

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Dear Mr Pearsall


Further to your request for the information at 1 to 4 below, please find
attached a copy of the Information Sharing Agreement between the Council
and West Mercia Police.  Personal details have been redacted from the
Information Sharing Agreement.  The Council does not have a separate MOU,
data processing contract or service level agreement with West Mercia


 1. Your signed MOU with West Mercia police
 2. The data processing contract
 3. The service Level agreement
 4. Information sharing agreement



Clare Hamer

PA to:

Rachel Robinson, Director of Public Health

Cllr Steve Charmley, Deputy Leader of the Council

[1][email address]

01743 252003


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